A Devon based charity whose purpose is to help
children and young people under the age of 25


The Trust has its roots in the Devon and Exeter Reformatory School for Boys which was founded in 1855, and began its life at premises in Brampford Wood, in the parish of Brampford Speke, just north of Exeter. The Reformatory School later moved to premises at Whipton and, in 1955, the boys from Farringdon House Approved School were also accommodated at the School, which was renamed Northbrook House School; this eventually closed in 1983.

As attitudes to the provision of child care changed over the years new legislation was introduced, which led increasingly to the management and maintenance of the Northbrook House being taken over by the Local Authority in partnership with the Trust. The Trustees, as the owners of the site, retained an obligation to maintain the buildings and to play an important role in the management of the various child care facilities that were evolving.

In 1995, the objects and the constitution of the Trust were revised and updated and the name of Northbrook Community Trust was adopted. The bulk of the land comprising the site of the old Boys Reformatory was sold in 1996 to raise funds for the Trust and the interest from the capital raised can now be distributed in accordance with the Trust’s ‘new’ Constitution.

The Trust’s Obligations

The Trustees have an obligation to apply the Trust income, at their discretion, in promoting the education and training of any child or young person who is now, or has formerly been, in the care of, or under the control of, Devon County Council at any of the facilities run from the Trust properties and the Northbrook Site, and in providing such special benefits of any kind, for which provision is not made from public funds for any such facilities. In other words, benefits and facilities which the County Council are under no obligation to provide and which it is unable to provide.

Application of Monies

If, after meeting these primary obligations there are still funds available then the Trustees can apply these monies towards:

1) the provision of education and training (including support and accommodation) for any child or young person who is, or who has at any time been, in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, or under the supervision of Devon County Council.

2) assisting any child or young person in need in Devon within the meaning of Section 17(10)(a) and (b) of the Children Act 1989. Namely those children who are unlikely to receive a reasonable standard of health (physical or mental) or development (physical, intellectual, emotional, social or behavioral) and those whose health or development is likely to be significantly impaired without the provision of such services.

The Trustees may also make financial assistance available to any charitable or voluntary organisation which itself is engaged in the provision of education, training, accommodation or support to those young persons previously mentioned. Applications for funding are therefore invited from any individuals, bodies or organisations that may be, or may wish to be, providing facilities, opportunities and services that comply with the guidelines outlined above.

If you feel that you may be eligible for funds from the Trust, please go to the Eligibility Test.